Friday, March 16, 2012

Do these girls scare you?

They should.

They are mean.

They are vicious.

And they "totally have your best interests at heart."

Sometimes I blog over at SVU-- just to get out of the house, you know? And I cannot believe this conversation that I am overhearing in the SVU student center. It's unreal!

These girls have been unscrupulously bashing some girl that they're friends with for well over an hour. And I mean tearing-her-apart-up-and-down-and-all-around kind of bashing. (Oh, but, if you're wondering, I also overheard that said "girl" is a little behind in her scripture study-- maybe that means she deserves this cruel gossip?).

Every other sentence I hear is, "She's totally my friend, and that's why I'm saying this..."


They can't even hear each other, because they're all talking so fast, and so animatedly over one another about how awful this girl is. But they're totally BFFs. One of them is even her RA. Nice.

I've heard all about how spoiled she is, and how her parents never prepared her for the real world...

...she has communication issues.
...why can't she just run it off?
...when she gets a real job, she won't be coddled like this.
...she needs to do this.
...she needs to do that.
...this is her problem.

All the while maintaining that all of this discussion is for her own good.

So, "girl," wherever you are-- I hope you somehow find this post and understand that your friends care about you so much. They really do. They're only viciously attacking you behind your back because the real world won't coddle you, and they want you prepared for that. Such sweethearts.

Also-- you need new friends. Yours are kind of mean.

PS- If you like to hang out in the SVU student center and loudly gossip about your friends for others to hear... could you stop? It's extremely irritating.

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