Thursday, May 31, 2012

California Love

Emma and Chris went on a very big trip last week to go visit our west coast family in California! I think they had a blast-- it seems like every day was jam packed with something that was tons of fun!! Emma loves Nana, Papa, and all of her Aunties, Unckies, and Cousins, but I think her very favorite Swank family member is Scarlet... Auntie Tonny's cat. Scarlet has been greatly missed since Emma's returned home :)

They took lots, and lots, and LOTS of pictures to document the trip! Which was awesome-- I feel like I didn't miss a thing! It's taken me all week to sort through them and organize them into collages, but I think I've finally put together a pretty decent (albeit slightly condensed) photographic representation of their visit in California.

A big thanks from me to Nana, Papa, Auntie April, Auntie Tonja, Unckie, Auntie Emma,  Justuce, and many other folks, I'm sure, for taking care of the two most important people in my world for a week!!

Arriving in CA

Hanging out at home and loving on the cat

Sacramento Children's Museum

Pool Time
Justuce spent a lot of time out there with her, I hear, but somehow the pool pics of him didn't make it into PicMonkey, and I haven't had the energy to sort through the 663 pictures for a second time to find them. Sorry :( But Justuce was much appreciated pool entertainment!

More cat time...

At Scouts for Justuce

Thanks to Auntie April, Emma's hair was done every day :)

Visiting Auntie Tonny hard at work at the Sac Zoo... oh, and the Animals too.
(feeding the giraffes!!)

Went to the Temple

Smelling the flowers...

Sky High Sports

Thanks for a really great visit!! Can't wait to do it again :)

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