Monday, June 25, 2012

Chris's Birthday

It's also been a little while since Chris's birthday, and I'm just now getting the pictures up!'s ok though. When you're rounding on 30, I don't think you mind so much when your birthday doesn't get publicized so much ;)

Chris actually opted to work on his birthday in exchange for a 3-day weekend later on, so we didn't get to celebrate with him until that night!

Chris and I went on a Birthday jog while our awesome neighbors watched Emma for us (during the most difficult time of day, I might add-- right before bed)!

Afterwards, we skyped with his family, opened gifts, and blew out the candles on his cake/trifle:

(this is the 11th hour gift wrapping I was doing right before we skyped...)

It's a shirt, which means...

...Emma thinks it's hers.

With a Roku2 and an Apple TV (en route, hence the lame printed picture in the card...from me), 
we're totally set up to watch TV without actually paying for TV!

Which is perfect :)

 (28 + 1 = Chris)

The real party started after Emma went to bed!
LOTS of yummy food, and LOTS of White Collar on the Roku :)

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