Friday, July 20, 2012

Red Faced Runners #rfr5k

Chris and I have both been training for races for a couple of months.

I don't know what Chris's exact stats are, but I can tell you what I've been up to.

I've been running 2-4 miles, 6 days a week since May 22. Which is something of a gigantic feat for me. Mostly because I hate running.

But we're doing it, and I already know my body is way better off. I've struggled with my right knee since the car accident in 2004. And it really, really revolted against any running I wanted to do for the first month solid. It was swollen, it was crunchy, it wouldn't bend, I couldn't put pressure on it at all. It was rough. But a mere 2 months after I began (and about 1 month after the pain hit its peak), my knee feels like nothing has ever happened to it. And I totally credit that to the muscles surrounding the knee cap getting stronger and tighter-- which I know is from running. So I'm very grateful for that!

I've joined a group of mommy-bloggers called the Red Faced Runners. We're all running a 5K race in our hometowns on Labor Day, and blogging/tweeting/instagram-ing our progress as we go to help motivate each other and, in a way, to be accountable to each other too.

So if you see sweaty, nasty, post-run pictures of me popping up on your social media pages... that's why :)

PS- Chris is training for a marathon, which is way more impressive than what I'm doing. But until he decides to get on here and blog about it-- it's just my stats you'll be seeing :)

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