Friday, July 20, 2012

4th of July 2012


I know I'm 16 days late posting.

You'll have to cut me some slack. Something Swanky is keeping me pretty occupied so it's hard to post over here as regularly as I should.  BUT-- the good news is that I am taking pictures of everything (albeit on my phone a lot of the time) and I'm still getting it all up on the blog... eventually ;)

So I'm playing catch up today and writing a few new posts (so long as Emma keeps napping). Starting with the 4th.

Ours was uneventful, but very pleasant nonetheless.

Emma and I spent the morning and lunchtime at the river with our bestie neighbors...

After naps, Emma and I decided to head back for more water fun and were pleasantly surprised when Daddy was able to leave work early and come with us!

We ate hot dogs and corn on the cob for dinner and put baby to bed!

We had lots of fun setting off fireworks in the parking lot with our neighbors. And when it got dark, we sat on our neighbors' upstairs porch, eating butter pecan ice cream cones, waiting for the fireworks we never saw, watching fireflies, and chatting until almost July 5th...

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