Saturday, October 17, 2009

for the love of cupcakes...

So, since we've moved, I've been pretty lazy as far as making cupcakes and updating my cupcake blog ( And the longer and longer I went without working on it, the more and more of a far off, unrealistic dream my cupcakery became. And I started to wonder what the point of my expensive hobby was? Was it really worth pouring our penny-pinched money into every week when it's possible it may never really go anywhere? I had a box of cupcakes made especially for getting pictures taken to put on my blog. And they sat, and sat, and sat on my counter for weeks. And then I finally connected with the photographer I've been wanting to work with. She took the box of 3 week old cupcakes and came up with these:

As soon as I saw these pictures, I remembered why I love cupcakes. They are so pretty! Really, just adorable. And I couldn't stop grinning on my way back to work. And the grumpy people pouring into the office didn't bother me anymore because I knew I had something that I still loved to do- and that I can do, because I'm good at it! It's my craft :) And it's just nice to have something in life that you do well and can hold on to. Anyway, thanks to Rachel for the amazing pics and reigniting my love of cupcakes!

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