Thursday, December 30, 2010

More California Christmas Vacation Festivities!

We got a sick new camera for Christmas this year, which means I took pictures of EVERYTHING! And since I blog pretty much everything I take pictures of...

The Day After Christmas:

Chris looking snazzy in his new shirt and sweater

Chris's parents got a fire pit thingy for Christmas, so we all roasted marshmallows... including Emma! She even helped build the fire.

The Day
After the Day After Christmas:

I got to play around with my camera on Monday and take lots of pics of Chris's sister, Tonja, and her boyfriend, Aaron, at UOP campus (which I had never seen before, so that was cool too!).
All Grammies, please note: these are not engagement pictures.

This one was just for me-- it was such a gorgeous campus!

We went bowling...

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