Sunday, June 12, 2011


We had a SUPER busy Saturday yesterday. In fact, we're still not quite recovered. But I snapped a few pics and thought I'd share the day:

1:00am: Going to bed after making, packaging, and labeling 10 different desserts for bake sale.
6:00am: Wake up and start setting up tables, yard sale items, and moving out furniture for sale.
6:08am: Text from Shanna that baby Mason arrived!
7:00am: Haggling Mexicans arrive to yard sale and are irritated that everything is not set up yet.
7:02am: Haggling Mexicans leave after I refuse to sell them a table full of my crap for only .25 cents.

12:01pm: I leave the bake sale to start prep for the baby shower.
12:49pm: Realize that there appear to be no raspberries anywhere except for Sunflower where I'm going to have to overpay for a tiny, little carton.
2:48pm: Still not dressed for shower,  nothing is clean.
3:00pm: First baby shower guest arrives...

4:34pm: Shower ends. We count our yard sale money, start cleaning, but mostly we're just trying to stay awake so that we can make it to Orem Fest with Katherine and Jarrad.
6:00pm: Leave for Orem Fest.
6:19pm: Jarrad and Chris squeeze in one ride while Katherine and I stand in line with two tired kiddos to look at the helicopter.
6:35pm: I force Chris to leave Orem Fest.
7:00pm: We pull into the driveway.
7:01pm: I kick Chris and Emma out of the car and make a beeline for Shanna's.
7:08pm: Beginning of almost two wonderful hours of looking at baby Mason.
9ish: Pick up frozen yogurt-to-go in an attempt to have some kind of date night at home.
9:15ish: Fall asleep on the couch while Chris watches a documentary.

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