Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Wow-- can you believe I'm averaging one post a week on here now?? Who'd have ever thought... 

Sorry that Something Swanky is kind of taking over my blogging life at the moment-- hoping for a calm down in a few months!

We had so much fun this Halloween! Emma was pretty hysterical, and we got some great pictures-- I'm so excited to share!!

Friday night was Trunk or Treat with the ward:
Sarah and I were super awesome and made up 2/5 of the adults who dressed up...

Soooooooooooooooooooooo cute. She's pregnant-- and a basketball hoop :)

Loved this-- just jumped right in with the crowd.

You need some explanation of what happened next to really enjoy these next two pictures: Emma was thoroughly glutting herself on all of the candy I was allowing her to eat (with a definite dum-dums preference). 

At one point (this point) she had a lollipop stuck under her ear, under one arm, one in each hand, and one in her mouth (all at the same time!!!)-- and then she decides that she needs even more candy and tries to just drink it right out of the bucket. 

Imagine Winnie the Pooh drinking honey from the pot-- you know how he falls backwards with his legs in the air while he licks up every last bit of honey? That's how Emma looked. These pictures totally don't do that moment justice, but they're all I've got:

Flash forward two days, and we're at it again! Trick or Treating for real this time. We went up and down the streets of downtown Lexington and BV where shop owners were handing out candy, and we even hit a few houses too! Emma was a pro by the last house :)

Resting up for the big night...

Fun peeps from our ward

Crashing hard from the sugar high...

Counting her loot at home.

Cute things she did tonight:
  • Maintained an impressively firm grip on her candy bucket. Was not willing to share.
  • Kept trying to go back to the porch we just visited.
  • Mastered the "Trick or Treat" concept by the last house. That lucky house was greeted with a very demanding "aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhhhh" and two chubby, sticky hands firmly grasping an equally sticky bucket held out for more candy.
  • Sat down in the middle of the sidewalk to check out her goodies.
  • Tried to "trick or treat" our own door when we got home.
  • Looked like an elephant :)

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The Bowen Family said...

Oh my heck.. SO cute!! And SO funny, gotta love Emma and her candy.