Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pinterest Pet Peeves

I love Pinterest. I love using it for my own entertainment, and I think it's a fantastic resource for all things domestic (plus way more). I love Pinterest even more as a professional blogger. A HUGE, GIGANTIC chunk of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest, and I have no idea what I would do with out it.

However, also from a professional blogging standpoint, I've developed certain Pinterest pet peeves, and I desperately need to vent. I can't really mention them on Something Swanky-- can't risk offending the culpable pinners. Which means I'll be whining about my Pinterest frustrations on this blog, to you...

Pinterest Pet Peeve #1: People who copy an entire recipe into their pin description. THIS IS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!!!!!! Everything on Something Swanky is copyrighted material, and I can't stand it when someone does this! With the entire recipe and a photo floating around on another site (pinterest) there's no need for anyone to visit my blog to get the recipe or see the photos! And I get paid per pageview (as do all the other paid bloggers)-- so this is just blatantly driving business away from me. Oh, and it's illegal.

Pinterest Pet Peeve #2: People who substitute pretty much every ingredient in the entire recipe, and then claim the recipe isn't good. And then feel the need to repin the recipe with a description saying how they changed all the ingredients and that the recipe isn't good. After you change half the ingredients-- that's not my recipe anymore.

Pinterest Pet Peeve #3: People who say that one of my desserts is too sweet. I'm sorry-- what do you think desserts are? Did you read the ingredients? Surely you noticed that the recipe called for M&Ms, chocolate chips, and an entire can of sweetened condensed milk-- and you're surprised that it's sweet?? I really don't understand this...

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Caroline & Cameron said...

get em', lady! personally i LOVED the monster bars and thought they were in no way too sweet. but then again, i'm a fan of DESSERTS. which yes, are sweet.