Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Thought I Knew...

This post is for all of my friends with toddlers under the age of 2.

Because you think you know, and I'm telling you that you don't.

And I know that you don't, because I've been where you are. And I thought I knew-- and it turns out I didn't.

I thought I knew what it meant to go from room to room cleaning up one disaster after another.
I really didn't.

I thought my toddler was already wild and unruly.
That was nothing.

I thought I knew what a picky eater was like.
But not so much.

I thought I knew what temper tantrums were like.
Turns out there's another level.

I totally thought I knew what it was like to have a 2-year-old.
I was. so. dead. wrong.

People aren't lying about the terrible twos. It's not a myth. It's not a joke.

Just be ready.

You've been warned.


Sarah said...

Oh great. You have just made me so excited about the future!

The Bowen Family said...

Haha great.. Leo is already out of control!!!!!