Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LED Light For Product Photography

I know this isn't some fun post about Emma. I promise, I'll get one of those up later.

But I have so many friends now who are starting blogs, that I wanted to post about this product someone referred me to. It's an LED light panel that appears to work with all digital cameras (not just SLRs). It's supposed to create a natural looking light for night-time or low-light photography (which can be a disaster for food and craft bloggers without the right tools). A blogging friend of mine recommended it to me. She uses it and says she loves it, and that's a good enough recommendation for me.

I've already got the Light Scoop (which I HIGHLY recommend getting if you have an SLR camera), but I'm dying to get this too, because I still have a difficult time at night getting the light to reflect just right with the Light Scoop alone.

Here's the amazon link if you want to check it out:

Also-- just a side note: my friend who recommended this to me is the author of Crazy For Crust. She takes all of her pictures with a point and shoot camera. I know it's been a concern for a lot of my newbie blogger friends that you don't have an SLR camera. But check out her pics-- I think they look great. And totally do-able with photo editing and good lighting!

Anyway. Hope that helps some of you!

And (ahem) I probably won't buy this before my birthay... just in case... you know.

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