Thursday, June 2, 2011

Swank Family Vacation 2011: Lake Tahoe, CA

Emma fell asleep in my arms. When's the last time that happened??

Hey look! Kipper still rocks our socks in Tahoe, too!

When Chris wouldn't leave me alone in the hot tub...

Jake came to rescue me.

...and then his mom...

...and then Tonja. Thanks guys!



Isaac with a milkshake mustache.

This was new to me: watermelon milkshakes. Watermelon + chocolate chip ice cream = good.

It's a weird combo, but I'm pretty sure Chris and I both downed two!

Also sporting the 'stache.

Hey! We're at the Lake! And it's freeeeeeeeezing!

Papa and Tonja

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A Life in the Dirt said...

Looks like an awesome trip! I love the photo of you laughing pushing Chris away; it's ridiculously adorable. :)