Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today is Emma's 1st Birthday

Can you believe it? My baby is a one-year-old!! We celebrated in Tahoe with the Swank gang a couple of days ago-- and it's a good thing too! Emma and I both have a stomach bug today and neither one of us is much in the mood for another par-tay.  We do have a Skype date with Grandma and Grandpa, though,  a couple more presents, and maybe some strawberry frozen yogurt.... maybe.

Can I tell you what's really hard for me to believe today? How long I was in the stinkin' hospital trying to birth this child! That's really what I keep thinking about. On Tuesday night I thought to myself "right about this time 1 year ago, I was starting to have really bad stomach pains..." and I feel like I had that thought FOREVER ago.  And, if this were a year ago, I STILL wouldn't have delivered yet!

Regardless, she made it here safe and sound and totally survived her first year. Happy Birthday, baby!

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Ryan and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!! I remember talking to you on the phone while you were in the hospital - anxiously awaiting news! :) Hope you both feel better!